Tim Durtschi Josh Bibby

Freeskier magazine just put up their new December issue in its entirety, for free, as a Halloween treat to their readers. A couple photos of mine made it into the issue, which open the story on a three day, invite only event which was put on by Red Bull, known as the Cold Rush.

Needless to say, I was very, very excited to be part of the Cold Rush, photographing some of the best professional skiers in the world, in unbelievable terrain, with Red Bull hosting what was hands down the most well organized and enjoyable event I’ve ever been a part of. The three days were broken down into various categories; big mountain lines on the first day, slopestyle on the second day, and cliffs on the third. As pro skier Grete Eliassen puts it, “this is the event of the year.”

Check out my photos of athletes Tim Durtschi and Josh Bibby above, and make sure to grab a copy of the December issue of Freeskier when it hits newsstands this month!

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