Denver Zombie Crawl 2011 :: 1 of 2

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. When I was a little kid I would start discussing costume ideas with my parents while we were still at the cottage over summer break. I would plan months in advance for Halloween, drawing up ideas in hopes of outdoing the previous years decorations. By the time we were headed back to school I would already be begging my Mom to take me to Mr. Funs, a nearby costume store, so I could see the latest masks that had arrived for Halloween.

Although I’m no longer a little kid, my excitement for Halloween is still there. Apparently many others in Denver share the same enthusiasm for this holiday, when yesterday a new world record attempt was made, with an estimated 8,000 zombies walking along 16th St. Mall in the middle of the city. It has grown considerably each year, and this year was by far the largest gathering of zombies I’ve ever seen. The trolleys that typically run along the mall were not in operation, there were dedicated zombie crossing guards, restaurants were slammed with zombie customers, and tourists along the mall were standing in amazement/confusion as to what was happening in this mile high city. Needless to say, the people watching opportunities were at an all time high and it was the perfect way to get into the spirit of the Halloween season. Next weekend I’m headed down to the coffin races in Manitou Springs.

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